Income Land Assets

Develop your land's infrastructure, grow and harvest your gems in the mine. Build a facilities to process your gems and establish a trading system! Build different structures to gain access to various minigames and increase your land profits. Build your army (Cronos Herox) to participate in epic PVP battles, attack your friends and protect your town. ​Compete with other players to climb on a leaderboard and receive higher CRO rewards each week.

Earn $GEMS while playing. Get in-game items in form of NFTs and trade them on marketplace. Withdraw your GEMS every week!

  • Land Trade The value of the land varies, yet players can gain profits by selling in the marketplace.

  • Land Development Income boost Players who deploy a hero to develop the land will receive tokens, referred to as GEMS. The game utilizes this mechanism to generate rewards in the land development activities.

  • $GEMS Mine Embark on a gem-filled adventure by putting your miners to work! Explore the depths to uncover valuable gems, and with the convenience of the AFK mode, your miners can tirelessly continue their quest. The more miners and mines you deploy, the greater your Gem earnings.

  • Upgrade Your Mining Gear Update your mining arsenal with improved pickaxes, shovels, hammers, or even minecarts to skyrocket your earning rate.

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