Own, Build and Earn from your Gems Land NFT. Your Land Your Game!

In the vast game world, there are three expansive territories, each subdivided into coded land plots. Within these territories, you'll discover 18 legendary lands, evenly distributed among three types (6 each). Every land plot serves as a fundamental unit in the game, offering players the flexibility to buy, sell, and exchange them for various benefits.

As players navigate through the gameplay, these plots can be upgraded over time. This enhancement process involves utilizing a diverse range of resources and crafting materials, all of which can be acquired during gameplay. This dynamic feature adds layers of strategy and progression to the overall gaming experience.

Our digital land is where people team up with their Herox to have fun, earn rewards, and thrive in a sustainable economy. Even though there's a limited number of Land NFTs (3,333), players can turn them into powerful hubs for their Herox.

Talking about owning digital assets: each piece of land is an NFT, making it valuable, and you can trade them in the marketplace.

Collecting Resources and Crafting:

Resources will naturally appear across the land continent and serve to enhance both the land and Herox. Landowners will enjoy the priority to claim resources found on their plots, and they might even discover GEMS tokens on their land.

Influence on Herox: Each piece of land you possess contributes to boosting the strength of heroes originating from that specific territory.

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